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Sneakersnstuff PPC Case Study:

Nobody likes watching their profits decrease, waiting for Google ads to prove beyond all mathematical doubt that the intention to buy a product has changed. – Andrew McGarry, Digital Strategist.

Think Like A Merchandiser. Save Time And Money.

Sneakersnstuff is a global multi-brand retailer in the hyper-competitive sneaker market. They engaged us to increase sales and grow marketshare, particularly in Europe and North America. Key brands to be sold included NIKE, adidas, Converse, New Balance and PUMA. The challenge was to use Google Shopping as the primary tactic to drive sales.

Here’s the thing about machine learning behavioural probability models – and this is the important bit! – it can waste your profits in many situations. Merchandisers who carefully select sneakers to buy at wholesale do not expect them to sell at the same rate. That expectation is known before an ad is ever clicked. And yet…

Make no mistake – due to lack of product intelligence, Google has to spend your money, to confirm it should no longer spend as much of your money on any given product, and that can be an expensive, dangerous rodeo.

To stay in the saddle, we created… *drumroll*… New Product Intelligence Automation.

It dramatically improves KPIs without compromising order volume. Both ROAS and order volume increased together = More money, more profits.

Case Study Stats

  • Revenue Growth at 243% globally including USA & UK across 3 years.
  • Revenue Growth over 100% YoY in Germany (doubled revenue in 12 months).
  • Higher order volume AND increased profitability to sustainable 700-800% ROAS.
  • All this actioned as part of an integrated search approach with organic. 
  • We published part of the strategic choices made via industry media site, SearchEngineLand.


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