Insight Potential

A Different Kind Of Model

Computers are data driven. People are biased and look for the data that will support that bias.

This is one of the biggest challenges in digital marketing. That and the fact that if your analytics geeks are not brilliant communicators, those game changing insights that could drive growth will never be understood – let alone actioned.

"I've been working with The McGarry Agency for over 10 years. Andrew and his team are always my go-to when it comes to all things SEO and Google adwords. Andrew is just one of those guys who knows his stuff and tells it to you straight. He is clearly passionate about what he does and constantly up to date with the evolving nature of best practice. He has built a team around him that can execute large and complex campaigns across both SEO and PPC. If you want an expert, speak to Andrew at The McGarry Agency."

Kieran Clinton-Tarestad

Chief Digital Officer

The Only Question That Matters

Does It Facilitate Understanding?

Data bias, inability to collaborate or communicate, scalability, data vomit in general… the list of obstacles to growth is endless when it comes to big data. The more time we spend talking to data scientists and people who teach analytics, the more obvious the disconnect between data accuracy and whatever is used to support gut feelings.

Your success relies on everyone at your company being able to understand the big picture insights.

"In all the time I’ve worked with The McGarry Agency they have never let me down. Their work ethic and knowledge of SEM and all its facets is second to none. I have 100% trust in their work and know they can deliver results above and beyond my expectations, they are always looking for ways to improve performance. I don’t see the relationship as client / agency, they have become more like an extension of my team."

John Werbinski

Ecommerce Director at GANT

Reporting + Forecasting

Forecast Using Machine Learning

The easy part is setting up a data warehouse, creating a custom database, and connecting all of your data points which transform into an automated report.

The last mile in analytics is turning it into a visual report that non-analytics experts can understand in order to find actionable insights. For brands with a lot of data, talk to us about creating forecasts with machine learning.

Predict The Future

To optimise revenue growth, connect with the dynamic trends of your customers. That means empower your team to discover new ideas.

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