The Vision For Connecting With Customers

Reducing Your Cost Of Sale

Do you want to get instant search results for your brand? Then you need PPC. But you knew that. That’s why you’re here. When it comes to paid search, many agencies work for a percentage of media spend, which, when you think about it, means there’s zero incentive for them to help you spend less – unless you incentivise the contract.

Percentage of spend in isolation is not always how we do things around here. Instead, we help you control costs and maximise ROAS by discussing options including fixed tier pricing. We’re not here to help you get seen by the most people. We’re here to help you get seen by the right people. We’ll target the right audience, at the right time, with the right message.

That means we filter out the people hunting down bargains, searching for ‘discounts’ and ‘cheap’ and ‘money off’. Instead, we throw all our know-how into attracting the person who’s after the official brand experience. You know, the person who’s willing to pay full whack, because they want to buy specifically from you.

"In all the time I’ve worked with The McGarry Agency they have never let me down. Their work ethic and knowledge of SEM and all its facets is second to none. I have 100% trust in their work and know they can deliver results above and beyond my expectations, they are always looking for ways to improve performance. I don’t see the relationship as client / agency, they have become more like an extension of my team."

John Werbinski

Ecommerce Director at GANT

Attribution, Audience, Automation, Full Funnel

Attack Marketshare

If there’s an increasing number of people searching for your products, but organic search results aren’t bringing them to you, well – they’re going somewhere. And that somewhere is probably a multi-brand retailer. PPC will help you connect with those buyers. By allowing other websites to sell your products, you’re handing over a chunk of your market share. We’re here to help you control just how much you give away – and how much you retain.

We run PPC ads campaigns on:

• Google Ads (we’re a qualified Google Partner)
• Bing Ads (because, yeah, some people don’t do Google)
• Amazon Ads (you might have heard of them)
• Facebook Ads and other Social media (Instagram Stories is a popular ad tactic)

We’ll do the research, identify the right audiences, and then we’ll implement your campaigns with surgical precision, tailoring it right down to the perfect keywords and the right time and place to display your ads. We fight for new customers and attack marketshare every day.

"I've been working with The McGarry Agency for over 10 years. Andrew and his team are always my go-to when it comes to all things SEO and Google adwords. Andrew is just one of those guys who knows his stuff and tells it to you straight. He is clearly passionate about what he does and constantly up to date with the evolving nature of best practice. He has built a team around him that can execute large and complex campaigns across both SEO and PPC. If you want an expert, speak to Andrew at The McGarry Agency."

Kieran Clinton-Tarestad

Chief Digital Officer

Automate The Heavy Lifting

Run The Last Mile

Here’s a PPC insight: Back in his contractor days, agency founder Andrew McGarry discovered how to accelerate growth while working with the global footwear brand UGG Boots. Using Adobe Marketing Cloud he was able to automate the bidding auctions. However, competition for marketshare in footwear was fierce.

At peak retail moments, unexpected auction behaviour from many competitors (e.g. Black Friday week) meant the most lucrative auctions were not reacting fast enough even with custom rules. Manual override of that most lucrative 10%, combined with the rest being automated, resulted in annual revenue increasing +154% year-on-year. A feat unheard of for a brand that size.

The secret to smashing targets is don’t always rely on machine learning to do everything. Exceptional circumstances may require you to run the last mile. We won’t miss that opportunity.

Priority Focus

Successful brands understand every ad tactic is not always a game changer. We focus on the opportunities most likely to achieve your goals.

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