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Do you know what the biggest contradiction is in integrated search marketing (SEM)? Insisting on 100% automation in paid marketing to manage Google’s millions of real-time auction signals while believing that one person can know everything Google is doing in organic search. This is why team collaboration is critical for success.

SEO growth is often held back because every online retail platform has its own set of unique ‘engine’ problems. So in the beginning we will drive the car you own, so to speak, rather than the car others will pitch you. Fixing technical SEO can take weeks, months, in some cases even years (hint: lack of collaboration). Thankfully there’s always new opportunities, revenue and marketshare we can attack from day one.

The benchmarks for success are as follows – visibility growth from impressions, improving your organic click-through rate, your organic conversion rate AND year-on-year revenue growth. Outreach success rate too. The simple truth for any successful SEO project: it doesn’t have to be complicated to create wins.

"I've been working with The McGarry Agency for over 10 years. Andrew and his team are always my go-to when it comes to all things SEO and Google adwords. Andrew is just one of those guys who knows his stuff and tells it to you straight. He is clearly passionate about what he does and constantly up to date with the evolving nature of best practice. He has built a team around him that can execute large and complex campaigns across both SEO and PPC. If you want an expert, speak to Andrew at The McGarry Agency."

Kieran Clinton-Tarestad

Chief Digital Officer

A Particular Set Of Skills

Technical, Content, Links

Let’s start with a question. “Why should anyone care about SEO?” Answer: (i) Brand Visibility Opportunity. (ii) Revenue Opportunity. Every search engine ranking result, regardless of whether the query is brand or nonbrand, is a branding opportunity. Increasing revenue growth is actually the last step of that journey.

“How do we achieve revenue growth using SEO?” Communication to reach consensus, prioritise actions, and work towards a project milestone.

“Why is it challenging to grow sustainable revenue from SEO?” There are more people who affect the channel’s performance who are NOT officially involved in SEO, than those who are directly involved. We call this the ‘control without ownership’ dilemma.

The opportunity for growth will rely on the people involved in your Technology, Content, and Links. This list includes IT staff, platform developers, analytics staff, merchandisers, ecom team, marketing, design & UX, and others. The bigger the company, the more people outside of the SEO team who affect organic channel KPI performance. Successful project management requires strong people skills to bring all of these departments together.

"In all the time I’ve worked with The McGarry Agency they have never let me down. Their work ethic and knowledge of SEM and all its facets is second to none. I have 100% trust in their work and know they can deliver results above and beyond my expectations, they are always looking for ways to improve performance. I don’t see the relationship as client / agency, they have become more like an extension of my team."

John Werbinski

Ecommerce Director at GANT

Inputs / Outputs

New Opportunity Framework

For Non-Ecommerce Stakeholders, what do we mean by “A New Framework”? This is a way for people to:
– learn their role in the brand’s global SEO revenue growth
– understand their contribution to a cross-departmental revenue outcome
– if you own an action “lever”, decision makers accept their action/inaction has a revenue effect
– a collaborative framework must have a clear chain of command and be enforced

All of which brings us full circle, turning new opportunities into outputs.
1. Brand visibility (more Google page one impressions)
2. Visitor growth (brand visibility x higher CTR)
3. Revenue growth (visitor growth x conversion rate)

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