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250% revenue growth during our management, winning market share while staying true to brand


The Challenge

GANT UK decided it was time to place a prominent focus on eCommerce trading to reduce the cost per sale and achieve order volume growth, while protecting their authentic preppy shaping brand.

A one size fits all approach to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising won’t ensure high quality brand ads that always deliver on aggressive sales targets. GANT UK choose us to run their PPC efforts because of our extensive experience working with fashion brands and our understanding that customised tactics will win more market share for premium lifestyle brands.

The Solution

We established successful YoY Search ads, Google Shopping ads, Display Remarketing ads, Display awareness ads, Gmail ads, video ads and discovery ads to introduce the brand to first time visitors.

For over 8 years we developed an innovative and bespoke approach to PPC for GANT UK including:

  • Creating ad copy that resonated with the right customer persona to win the click – this is an artform that is hard to master
  • Intensive audience building to find the right kind of customer focussed on their behaviour and where they are in their user journey
  • Specially tailored, product feed optimisations to deliver results that outperform dedicated shopping comparison services
  • Optimising for nonbrand terms in Google Shopping to increase revenue
  • Focus on key categories for marketshare and revenue growth like SHIRTS

The Results

  • 250% revenue growth during our 8 years nurturing GANT UK PPC
  • 49% reduction in Cost of Service in year one, consistently exceeding 1,200% ROI annually between 2012 and 2015
  • 110% increase in SHIRTS category revenue
  • We achieved every single revenue target put to us by GANT, within the ROI range forecasted

“In all the time I’ve worked with The McGarry Agency they have never let me down. Their work ethic and knowledge of SEM and all its facets is second to none. I have 100% trust in their work and know they can deliver results above and beyond my expectations, they are always looking for ways to improve performance. I don’t see the relationship as client / agency, they have become more like an extension of my team.”

John Werbinski
Ecommerce Director at GANT