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Why Work With Us

Exclusively For Fashion & Lifestyle Brands

Here at McGarry, we work exclusively with fashion brands. We specialise in helping fashion, footwear and cosmetics brands get found on the web. Whether you need help ranking on Google, creating PPC ads that actually get results, or just want some good old-fashioned advice on where the hell to start, we can help.

To avoid missing out on opportunities, you want top-drawer, made-to-measure service from somebody who specialises in your exact industry, well – hello. Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Meet the Team


Conventional wisdom would have us all crammed into one office, with our workers plucked from the very finest of whatever the local area happened to have on offer.

Fortunately, we don’t play nice with conventional wisdom, and instead hand-pick our fashion-savvy talent from wherever in the world we can find them. We want the best, no matter where they call home.

If you’re looking for a team of reliable, relentless and direct individuals who’ll give it to you straight and break a sweat making sure your fashion brand’s visible on the web, you’re in the right place.

Andrew McGarry – Owner & Founder

Aileen Baird – Marketing Manager

Ari Pournaras – SEO Specialist

Sheri Scott – Outreach Specialist

Hannah Reyes – Paid Social Specialist

Richard Kliskey – Paid Media Specialist

People & Things that shape our ideas: Mark Ritson, Professor Scott Galloway, Mike Michalowicz, Jeff Sauer, Andy Kirk, Ruth MacGlip, Amanda Davies, Econsultancy, SearchMetrics, Sistrix, Majestic, Optmyzr, Pi Datametrics, Statista,, Ahrefs, Merchant Words, Kinsta, BrightonSEO, PPCHero, TuringFest. Fun fact: founder Andrew McGarry was incorrectly recognised as Google founder Sergey Brin at a Google HQ event and they had to announce that it wasn't Sergey. Awkward!