Authentic and Knowledgable

Who Is Doing Your Outreach?

When our outreach team leader is themselves a social media influencer, who receives not-so-credible attempts at outreach daily, it’s almost as if we have an unfair advantage.

Does your outreach have social proof or are you still using aliases to disguise the volume of email spam? Bloggers and influencers talk among themselves you know!

Attributes to look for:

  • Proactive on social
  • Communicator
  • Negotiator
  • Authentic
  • A reason for people to listen & care

"In all the time I’ve worked with The McGarry Agency they have never let me down. Their work ethic and knowledge of SEM and all its facets is second to none. I have 100% trust in their work and know they can deliver results above and beyond my expectations, they are always looking for ways to improve performance. I don’t see the relationship as client / agency, they have become more like an extension of my team."

John Werbinski

Ecommerce Director at GANT

Data Geeks

Fluent in Link Metrics

To brands whose PR outreach to sites on the basis of one metric, ‘Moz Domain Authority’, …that sound you hear? That’s us eating your marketshare. If you don’t have a link geek guiding your outreach plan, then it’s not even a fair fight. You know the type – has more affiliate projects on the go than a sneakerfreak, knows how to crush it in a topical authority shoot out, lives and breathes a ranking battle.

Outreach is more than just emailing before you start, think of the following:
– What is the focus? Define your goals.
– The Why. What is the purpose of the outreach? Brand awareness? Organic Revenue?
– Research! Not all websites and influencers are created equal.

"I've been working with The McGarry Agency for over 10 years. Andrew and his team are always my go-to when it comes to all things SEO and Google adwords. Andrew is just one of those guys who knows his stuff and tells it to you straight. He is clearly passionate about what he does and constantly up to date with the evolving nature of best practice. He has built a team around him that can execute large and complex campaigns across both SEO and PPC. If you want an expert, speak to Andrew at The McGarry Agency."

Kieran Clinton-Tarestad

Chief Digital Officer

How To Up Your Response Rate

Personalise Your Pitch

Outreach campaigns are project managed through Pitchbox software. Being genuinely passionate about the fashion and lifestyle industry, we don’t have to fake interest in people and their blogs. Being authentic is a given.

We’re more concerned with brand visibility, winning the click, and getting the sale. But if you do ask, page 1 Google rankings due to our Digital PR driven SEO includes: Shirts, Chinos, Polo Shirts, Sneakers, and lots of his and hers variants. We never miss an opportunity to grow marketshare.

What Matters Most

Nurture your relationships. It’s a small industry and knowing or working with one person can help connect you to another - so be nice!

Talking To Influencers

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